Pure Wool Life Insulation retains its thermal value indefinitely, resulting in lower power bills and a home that’s warm in winter and cool in summer. There are also significant health benefits to wool insulation, including stable home humidity, a reduction in harmful off-gassing from other construction materials, and high fire resistance.

About Pure Wool Life Insulation

Natural Wool Insulation is available in knops and pure wool batts, suitable for a range of domestic and commercial applications. The hollow core of wool fibres creates airspace, providing higher resistance to heat flow (high R-value) that lasts indefinitely.

Natural Wool Insulation can be used like any other insulation system. It lasts for decades without breaking down or losing effectiveness, making it a truly affordable safe, sustainable long-term option. Wool insulation is suitable for residential and commercial applications and can be installed quickly, easily, and without health risks.

Our knop manufacturing process combs wool into small balls (called knops or clusters), which can be easily blown into insulation spaces. The knopped wool has the elasticity needed to resist compression and packing, and it expands to fill the space once inside an insulation space.

Pure wool batts resemble traditional batt insulation, but without the toxic chemicals or fire risk of conventional batt products.

Everyone deserves a safe, sustainable and healthy home insulation option. Choose Pure Wool Life Insulation.



Natural Wool Insulation is suitable for new builds, retrofits, and the preservation of historic buildings. It’s safe to work with, and ideal for all insulation spaces. Pure Wool Insulation’s easy installation process makes it an accessible choice for homeowners wanting to carry out their own insulation top-ups, as well as commercial installers wishing to save time and reduce health risks.

Wool is the perfect insulation choice for the family home, thanks to its natural fire resistance and air purification properties. The high R-value and reversibility of wool insulation also make it an excellent option for historical preservation; it won’t damage the structure of an older building or impact its value.

Learn more about the benefits of wool insulation.

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The high R-value and natural fire resistance of Natural Wool Insulation make it a sustainable, high-performance commercial building product.

Wool insulation really comes into its own when both thermal and acoustic insulation is required; wool is the best sound insulator in the market, performing four times more effectively than traditional mineral wool insulation. It’s perfect for meeting rooms, cinemas, training rooms, recording studios and educational spaces.

Portable Living

If you’re considering a vehicle or van conversion, Natural Wool Insulation makes it easy to keep your mobile home warm and dry year-round. It’s simple to install and is an incredibly effective thermal and acoustic insulator.

Our wool is sustainably sourced and has a tiny carbon footprint, so it naturally complements a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

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Wool.Life for Diy Installer

Natural Wool Insulation knops are simple to install at home – just choose the right amount for your project, let the wool ‘relax’ for 2-3 hours after opening, then use a leafblower (or similar) to blow the knops into your insulation space.

It’s completely safe to use – the hardest part will be getting the kids to stop playing in the knops!

Available in 5kg boxes for small projects.

Wool.Life for Commercial Installers

Natural Wool Insulation makes it easy for installers to offer clients a natural, sustainable and healthy insulation option. Wool insulation retains its R-value regardless of external temperature and humidity, and its natural air purifying properties remove volatile chemicals from the home.

Natural Wool Insulation is safe and pleasant to install, with no machinery or PPE required. It’s safe to handle, with no risk of itching, mites, or toxic chemicals.

Our batts are available in a range of dimensions, designed to suit the majority of new home builds. Standard thicknesses are 2 inches and 4 inches.

For retrofits, our blown insulation product gets the job done quickly and easily.

Natural Wool Insulation can be ordered in custom quantities to suit your project, from boxes to bales. Give us a call to talk about what you need.

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Wool.Life for Architects & Designers

Natural Wool Insulation is the environmentally conscious, high-performance alternative to traditional insulation. With an increasing number of homeowners searching for substitutes to conventional, unsustainable building materials, we’re proud to present this sustainable solution.

Natural Wool Insulation can be ordered in custom quantities to suit your project.

Natural Wool Insulation is a breeze to install. It’s safe, easy to use, and suitable for projects of all sizes. Contact us to get a quote today.

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