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Health for Your Garden & Soil

Water saving weed & mulch mats that protect your plants and enrich your soil.

We make Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mats from 100% New Zealand wool, straight from the farm. This creates a completely natural, renewable product, with no risk of the synthetic contaminants or residues that can occur in recycled wool products. Our Wool Weed & Mulch Mats are truly a Farm-to-Garden product.

Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mats are simple to use, providing all the advantages of a layer of mulch, while also suppressing weed growth. Our mats are flexible, protect against erosion, and are available in sizes to suit every project.

New Zealand wool is full of essential nutrients that promote plant growth, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mats slowly break down over time, releasing vital nutrients into the soil and acting as a fertilizer.

Wool stores up to 33% of its weight in water, and slowly releases water once the surrounding environment drops below 65% relative humidity. This means our mats act as a water buffer, keeping plants at the right moisture level. As wool absorbs water, it releases a small amount of heat, helping to regulate the soil temperature and provide ideal growing conditions.

Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mats are strong enough to do the job without any need for synthetic glues or strengthening materials. Once your wool mat has biodegraded, the only thing left behind is healthy plants and enriched soil. For ultimate sustainability, secure your Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mat with our fully biodegradable pegs, which break down at the same rate as the mat.

Wool might feel soft to the touch, but wool fibers have very fine scales, and tiny barbs – which means that slugs and snails go out of their way to avoid them. The composition of our mats is also durable, so that birds can’t scrape the mat away from your garden.

Key Benefits of Wool Weed & Mulch Mats

How sustainable weed & mulch matting can enhance your garden and soil:

  • Protects from weeds and slugs so that your plant can get established and self protecting.
  • Moderates soil temperature for optimal growth.
  • Retains moisture so that less water is needed.
  • Protects soil from sun scorching.
  • Breaks down into vital nutrients to promote soil health.
  • Environmentally friendly — Replaces plastic weed matting that often ends up in the ocean or landfills.
  • Acts as an instant cover crop.

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Weed & Mulch Mats Rolls

Pure Wool Weed & Mulch Mats are the natural choice for commercial landscapers and home gardeners looking for a sustainable, biodegradable weed suppression and mulching product.

100% New Zealand wool is formed into dense mats, that help to establish plants and initially block weeds from sprouting before breaking down over time and releasing nutrients which stimulate plant growth.

Wool Weed & Mulch Mats Rolls


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