Why Wool?

Natural Wool is a safe, sustainable option that can change your life for the better.

Wool is an amazing natural resource: it can clean the air in your home, remove volatile chemicals, and make your house safer in the event of a fire. It’s also great for commercial applications, is an excellent acoustic insulator, and retains its thermal insulation properties (R-value) indefinitely through a range of temperature and conditions. At the same time, it’s renewable, high-performance, and doesn’t harm our environment.

With such a wide range of benefits and applications, wool is the natural choice.

Our PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION has an improved R-Value we choose a special blend and process to achieve the highest R-value possible, this results in a lot of savings in your power bills and more comfortable in your house all year long. We can say we developed a better solution with the same natural fiber.
As an Acoustic Insulator, it is the best sound insulator in the market, 4 times more effective than traditional mineral wool used for Acoustic Insulation. Perfect for Meeting rooms, Cinemas, Training Rooms, Recording Studios and any other rooms where High-Performance Acoustic Insulation is needed.

PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION cleans the air. Its complex fiber structure absorbs and breaks down dangerous volatile organic compounds, such as Formaldehyde, in the atmosphere.  PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION helps maintain a constant indoor temperature and humidity thereby maintaining a cleaner air.

PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION does not harbor dust mite or other bugs.  To eliminate the risk of any other bugs it is treated with an organic substance derived from the chrysanthemum plant.

Wool has the natural ability to regulate the humidity of a room by absorbing moisture when the atmosphere is damp and releasing it when the atmosphere is dry. Wool can absorb nearly 40% of its own weight in water and still feel dry to the touch.

Wool contains carbon, sulfur and nitrogen and biodegrades slowly releasing nutrients and acting as an excellent soil conditioner. Wool helps the soil retain moisture and speeds up plant growth.

Wool is one of the only fibres that naturally resists flaming, making it a safer option for your home. It has a naturally high nitrogen content, so in the event of a fire, your wool products will smoulder and singe instead of bursting into flame. Wool also doesn’t emit toxic fumes, which significantly reduces the risk of injury or death in the event of a fire.

PURE WOOL LIFE INSULATION is an easy and safe process no matter if you do it yourself or through a contractor, there is no risk involved in the installation of the product, no toxic off-gassing like Spray Foam, borax like Cellulose and other wool products or fiberglass particles suspended in the air.

Choose a Wool.Life

Our natural wool products are safe to use, safe to live with, and safe for the planet.

Discover the better option for a sustainable life and a healthy home.
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